11 Jan



Measurement is a hairy topic for nonprofits and is repeatedly scratching my scalp so far in 2008.

  1. Tactical Philanthropy, organizations like GiveWell (such as it is), and corporate donors are all asking questions about impact analysis - different questions than we’re used to answering as nonprofits.
  2. SNCR’s John Cass has been asking me pointed questions about the impact that paying attention to social media has had on my organization.
  3. I am scheduled to offer a case study on measurement for Beth Kanter [Happy Birthday. Your requested gift is on its way] at NTC.

Feels like a perfect storm of measurement, but I’m still not sure which tools to use, what to measure against, or which controls to use. I have ideas but I’m not certain they’ll result in a study with significant results.

What I do know is that if a group of people got together to make a video like this for my organization, I’d sure feel like checking off a small accomplishment box.

* CC licensed photo by Aussiegall

11 Jan

Not a lot of rock. A little.

These are states where I’ve actually spent at least 24 hours.

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By next week there’ll be more redness because I’m going to Little Rock, Arkansas. This is good because I don’t like a lot of rock. I’m more folky and bluegrassy and not so much drummy. It’ll be a perfect fit.

I’m presenting social media ideas to a group of people who work in my organization’s blood services. I’m told they use email but are suspicious of further use of the interwebs.

If you have any earth-shattering tools / jokes / tricks that’ll inspire them, please do let me know. I want to give a good introduction and 3-4 easy, concrete steps they might take to make authentic connections with possible blood donors.

Although I am “forced” to speak publicly fairly often these days, I still have little confidence in my abilities.


07 Jan

I’ve been looking for love; has it been looking for me?


The Sunday night grocery store line (I had more than 15 items) was one hour long.

For the first time ever, I had Tilapia in my basket.

I have heretofore been against the purchasing of fish in the grocery because they’re just so much better right out of the ocean.

Despite my wishes it doesn’t look like I’ll be hooking my own dinner anytime soon and I need the protein. I may want to donate blood soon.

Don’t worry, I use my fishing frustration for good. When I’m not chumming for yellowfin tuna, I’m all about setting the internet outriggers to pick up some decent MP3s and hooking the good hooks.Here’s my catch for this week:

Murder Mystery >> Love Astronaut [via]
Band of Horses >> The General Specific [via]

Pelle Carlberg >> I Love You, You Imbecile [via]

Bishop Allen >> The Monitor [via]

Robyn >> Konichiwa Bitches [via]

Kimya Dawson >> Viva La Persistence [via]

03 Jan

Looking Forward

My mom is big fan of email memes. Today’s had the following question:

What 4 things are you looking forward to?

My answers for 2008 are these:

  1. Traveling to Bangkok to visit my friends Frans, Claire, and Newley.
  2. Figuring out a way for my body to handle garlic.
  3. Procuring a new(er) car (I’ve been in mine since high school).
  4. Figuring out my fancy-dancy camera with a class.

I’ll add a fifth: I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next!

How about you?

One musical project worth anticipating is the US release of Silje Nes’s album Ames Room (in February).

MP3 >> Ames Room [via Raven Sings the Blues]